4t Meeting

Efficient session management

Take care of the preparation and execution of your meetings in one application. 4t Meeting makes it possible! From the proposal to the agenda, from a decision to the meeting minutes - everything is stored and documented in the same system. With our web application, 4t Meeting has a modern module for the preparation of paperless meetings. Participants can prepare for the upcoming meeting conveniently and completely online.

Key features

Simple meeting organization

Simple, user-friendly meeting organization and scheduling

Web-based and mobile working

Optimized for use on all common mobile devices

Logging in Word

Logging in MS Word with all familiar functionalities and individual, customer-specific templates

Do not seek - find

Comprehensive full-text search with filter functions

  • Our standardized "RESTful API" web interface allows effortless integration of any third-party applications
  • Cloud operation: Software as a Service (SaaS) by 4teamwork in a Swiss data center
  • On-premise operation: run in a data center of your choice
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